Album Artwork for Cherish Danae

'Silence: Edward's Soliloquy' 

During the height of the pandemic, whilst we were all cooped up in our own miniature versions of the world, I was beginning to feel less and less like the artist I was so keen to become. For many aspiring creatives, being locked up was a brilliant opportunity to use the time for artistic purposes. For me, it was my own version of creative hell.


As we progressed further and further into the lockdown, my creative drive was drying out. I started to lose the want to create. It was beginning to feel like a challenge and even to this day, I still don't understand why. Until I met another wonderful creator.



At the much needed announcement of Stephenie Meyer's new novel 'Midnight Sun' in may 2020, I was honoured to be given the chance to illustrate an album cover for Cherish Danae, an inspiring singer songwriter from Texas, USA. Her song, titled 'Silence', was written and produced by herself during her own lockdown. With Cherish's beautiful songwriting and even more beautiful voice, I was instantly thrilled to be able to create a piece of artwork for her. This began the long awaited drive to create something new. 

After the release of 'Silence' and its incredible success within the ever growing 'Twilight' community, this sparked Stephenie Meyer's team to forward the single onto Stephenie herself. Stephenie had loved Cherish's work so much so that she included a segment on her website, just for her and the song. This opportunity will be something that I will treasure for a lifetime, not only did I make a wonderful friend in the process, I also found my feet as an illustrator and applying for my degree shortly after. Without this experience with Cherish and having Stephenie Meyer publish the album cover and my name on her website, I would have slowly crashed and burnt out. This was the turning point for me, which is why I'm dedicating this to the wonderful Cherish Danae.   



After the release of Cherish's first single 'Silence', we were both excited to create another album cover for her second single 'Always'. 

For this cover, I was excited to play around with my realistic style. It was definitely something that I was willing to showcase for not only Cherish but . We had come to the conclusion that including a marble-esc hand wrapped around a human hand would suit the theme of the song.